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Short Film


Final call

Jackpot Pictures, 35mm. Written and directed by Gary Eck. Produced by Phil Wade.

John must catch a plane to Hong Kong. Problem is he's stuck in the airport bathroom cubicle with no toilet paper and they're calling his name to board the plane. What will he do?





Bye Bye Tim

16mm. Written and directed by Gary Eck. Produced by Phil Wade.

Walking home late one night Tim is followed home by a mysterious car.





The Money Tropfest 1st Place

16mm Written and directed by Gary Eck. Produced by Phil Wade.

Damien is about to be shot by a debt collector when he receives a phone call. It'sthe host of  Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. His mate Terry is on the line and playing for $250,000. Can Damien Answer the question and save his life?




Tragic Love Tropfest 2nd place

Digibeta. Written and directed by Gary Eck. Produced by Paul Anderson.

An ambitious young film maker managers to convince the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Keanu Reeves, Russell Crowe and not Tom Cruise to appear in his short film.





Tropfest Trailer

Written and directed by Gary Eck.- Produced by Phil Wade.

Promotional video Tropfest 2002.






Feature Films


Gary is an accomplished actor, writer and film directed. Gary co-wrote and co-directed Happy Feet Two with George Miller.



Happy Feet Two
Co-written and co-directed by Gary Eck






2006. Gary plays Corey, one of the original members of the boy band Boytown, who after and long absence decide to make a come back.






You Can't Stop The Murders

2003. Written by Gary Eck, Akmal Saleh, Anthony Mir. Gary starred as Constable Gary Raymond.






The Night We Called It A Day
2003. Gary played the role of "Shorty". The film starred Dennis Hopper and Melanie Griffiths.








Television appearances include:

Studio 10 (Channel 10)

Mick Molloy's The Nation (Channel Nine)
Rove (Channel 10)
Spicks and Specks (ABC)
The Footy Show (Channel Nine)
The Side Show (ABC)
Australian Idol (Channel 10)
The Comedy Channel
Good News Week (Channel 10)

Joker Poker

Movie Network
The Movie Show (SBS)
Australia's Funniest Home Video (Channel 9)
Insight (SBS)
Live at Jongleurs (UK Gold Network)
Candid Camera (10)
Hey Hey It's Saturday
Star Search (Series 3 winner)






Four Seasons Condoms

Written and directed by Gary Eck

This 'banned' ad went viral around the world with cumulative hits of over 20 million.






Written and directed by Gary Eck

What if Jesus had access to quick and easy take-away during the Last Supper?






Sumo Salad

Directed by Gary Eck










Gary Eck Live! Stand-up comedy CD recorded live
at the Sydney Comedy Store. Includes bonus
comedy sketch CD - The Best of the Sunday Late
Show and More..

Written and produced by Gary Eck and Lee Perry,
The Hollywood Motel features Lee impersonating
the likes of Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom Cruise,
Russell Crowe, Keanu Reeves, John Travolta, Woody
Allen, and a host of other characters





In 2002 Gary hosted the Sunday Late Show on 2DayFM, Sydney's top rating radio station. Previously, he co-hosted a Saturday morning show with Gretel Killeen called the G-Team.

Early in his career Gary was a full-time comedy writer for 2DayFM's Morning Crew where he voiced sketches and provided lines for the then on air team of Wendy Harmer and Paul Holmes. Previously Gary was a freelance writer for Doug Mulray (MMM).

Gary is regularly heard on NOVA, 2WS, MMM and ABC 702's Thank God It's Friday with Richard Glover.