Laugh After Death Keynote Presentation

Keynote Speech

Laugh After Death - Comedy survival skills for your business

A highly entertaining and engaging keynote from award-winning stand-up comedian and filmmaker, Gary Eck, who draws on over 20 years
experience to take you backstage and explain the effect of what it’s like to ‘die’ on stage – an expression comics use when they get zero laughs from the audience and in extreme cases, booed off stage.

Gary shares with you his stand-up skills and how he uses them to tackle those tough gigs but more importantly, how these comedic tools can help your presentation and sales skills.

Gary teaches you how to take charge and effectively engage with the audience using these proven stand-up comedy techniques.

Duration: 45 minutes (plus 15 minutes Q&A if time permits)


"Gary had the audience in the palm of his hand. Very professional, funny till it hurt and a fabulous result!" LOUISE SCHWEIKER, CI EVENTS



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